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Executive Chef, Instructor &
Recipe Developer

"My clients aren't looking for more online recipes. My clients aren't looking for links to generic meal plans. My clients want to take control of their relationship with food and their ability to make great things happen in their own kitchen."

Restauranteur and Executive Chef, Melody Elkin uses the skills learned in founding and operating successful food programs to teach her clients how to take ownership of their relationship with food.


Clients will learn the skills necessary to create the dishes they've always dreamed of creating, maintain their prescribed program, or simply feel in control of their culinary choices. 


Tasty Tactics provides clients with the power, knowledge and technique to not only achieve their desired goals, but most importantly, help them to maintain life-long results. 

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Children's Programs

Private & small group baking and cooking courses. 

Specialty celebration and birthday competitions and activities. 

Cooking Class

Adult Programs

Meal prepping workshops, baking and cooking lessons, team-building, community kitchen co-ops 

Clinical Programs

Culinary Immersion Programs for clients under the supervision of a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist or Dietician. 

Fitness Group

Recipes & Resources

Innovative recipes, meal plans, ingredient education and resources.

Packed Lunch
Tropical Fruit Dessert

Contact Me

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I invite you to reach out with any questions you may have, to schedule a free chat or to book your first event. Let's look forward to creating a partnership that best serves you and your clients.


Be well!

P.O. Box 27135

Tempe, AZ 85285


Tel: 480-382-6707

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